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Black CatWalks Round Malvern
  and St. Keverne
This area gives links to a number of favourite walks in the Malvern and St. Keverne areas, together with photographs of scenes you may find during the walk.

Many of the walks will involve muddy paths during wet weather so be appropriately shod. Remember too that field use changes fairly rapidly so paths across fields may not always run exactly where I have indicated at the time I originated the walk.

When walking in the countryside please observe the country code:-
  • Keep to the footpaths at all times.
  • Keep dogs under control, (on the lead where there are animals about).
  • Leave gates as you find them.
  • Avoid startling cattle.
  • Don't leave litter about, it can often harm cattle besides being unsightly.

Walks round Malvern often involve the hills, which are a prominent sight for many miles around, these are mainly compiled from walks with a group from Malvern Baptist Church, though they are not restricted to church members.
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Walks round St. Keverne were compiled some time ago, (it is now 2018) they range from short walks across fields and round local features, to longer walks near the coast.
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